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3527312862 Intellectual Property Management: A Guide for Scientists, Engineers, Financiers, And Managers
Claas Junghans Adam Levy

John Wiley & Sons Inc 2006-02-28
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1413302181 The Inventor’s Notebook: A Patent It Yourself Companion (Inventor’s Notebook)
Fred E. Grissom David Pressman

Nolo 2005-06
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What The Inventor’s Notebook Does and How to Use It
1. Using the Notebook
2. Legal Protection
3. Marketing
4. Financing
5. Help Beyond This Book
I. Notebook
II. Worksheets
III. Glossary
IV. Fee Schedule
V. Tear-Out Forms
087337925X Inventor’s Guide to Law, Business & Taxes (What Every Inventor Needs to Know About Business & Taxes)
Stephen Fishman

Nolo 2003-05
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0471449989 Intellectual Property Law for Engineers and Scientists
Howard B. Rockman

John Wiley & Sons Inc 2004-06-25
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1 Overview of Intellectual Property Law.
2 The Use of Intellectual Property in Business.
3 How to Read and Obtain Information from a Modern U.S. Patent.
4 Introduction to Patents.
5 Patentable Subject Matter and Utility.
6 Novelty-The Invention Must Be New.
7 Requirement of Non-Obviousness for Patentability.
8 The Patenting Process.
9 Novelty, Infringement, and Other Searches.
10 Patent Application.
11 Claims of a Patent Application.
12 Prosecution of a Patent Application.
13 Design Patents.
14 Protection of Computer-Related Inventions.
15 Patentability of Biotechnology Inventions.
16 Business Method Protection.
17 Foreign Patent Protection.
18 Enforcement of the Patent Right.
19 Ownership and Transfer of Patent Rights.
20 Employment Contracts and Non-Compete Restrictions.
21 The Engineer and Scientist as Expert Witness; and Ethics.
22 Copyrights as a Vehicle for Technology Protection.
23 The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA)-An Overview.
24 Mask Work Protection.
25 Trade Secrets.
26 Trademarks.
27 Cybersquatting.
Current Events.
0863414907 Intellectual Property Rights for Engineers (IEE Management of Technology S.)
Vivien Irish

Peter Peregrinus Ltd 2005-06-30
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1. Introduction
2. Copyright
3. Rights in designs
4. Patents
5. Confidential information
6. Trade marks
7. Ownership of intellectual property rights and rights of employees
8. Effect of the European Community
9. Licensing and litigation
10. Management of intellectual property rights
Useful addresses
0819441333 Intellectual Property: A Guide for Engineers (Spie Press Monograph)
Council on Public Affairs of ASME International The Committee on Public Information of the Section of the Intellectual Property Law of the American Bar Association

Society of Photo Optical 2001-02
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0791801608 Intellectual Property a Guide for Engineers: A Guide for Engineers : A Project for the Committee on Issues Identification, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Amer Society of Mechanical 2000-10-24
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082472383X Patent Law For Scientists And Engineers
Avery N. Goldstein

Marcel Dekker Inc 2005-04-01
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1566705177 Patent Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers
Thomas T. Gordon Arthur S. Cookfair

Lewis Pub 2000-03-15
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Patents as Intellectual Property
Patents – History, Philosophy, and Purpose
The U.S. Patent System
The Canadian Patent System
The Patentable Invention
The Evolution of a Patent
The Patent Document As Technical Literature
The Basic Principles of Patent Searching
Searching by Hand or Computer?
Patents as Legal Documents
Patent Information from the Internet
Importance of Record-Keeping
Patents Around the World
0471400688 From Ideas to Assets: Investing Wisely in Intellectual Property (Intellectual Property-General, Law, Accounting & Finance, Management, Licensing, Special Topics)
Bruce M. Berman

John Wiley & Sons Inc 2001-12-07
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IP Glossary
0814406017 Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property: A Practical Guide to Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents & Trade Secrets
Deborah E. Bouchoux

Amacom Books 2001-04-15
売り上げランキング : 768,345

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1. Recognizing and Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property Rights
2. Trademark Basics for Business Professionals
3. Trademark Selection and Searching
4. The Trademark Application Process
5. Maintaining, Monitoring, and Transferring Your Trademark
6. Trademark Infringement, Cancellations, and Dilution
7. Emerging Trademark Trends
8. Copyright Basics
9. The Rights of Copyright Owners
10. The Copyright Application Process: Ownership, Registration, Notices, Duration, and Transfers
11. Infringement of Copyright
12. Emerging Copyright Trends: Software Usage and Internet Policies
13. Patent Basics for Business Professionals
14. Patent Searching, Patent Applications, Duration, and Transfers
15. Patent Infringement
16. Emerging Patent Trends
17. Trade Secrets Basics
18. Unfair Competition
19. Owning the Work Product of Your Employees and Independent Contractors
20. Internal Processes for Greater Protection: Audits and Infringement Policies