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Patent It Yourself (Patent It Yourself) Patent It Yourself (Patent It Yourself)
David Pressman

Nolo 2006-09-30
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I Introduction
1 Introduction to Patents and Other Intellectual Property
2 The Science and Magic of Inventing
3 Documentation, the DDP, and the PPA
4 Will Your Invention Sell?
5 What Is Patentable?
6 Search and You May Find
7 Consider Your Options
8 How to Draft the Specification and Initial Drawings
9 Now for the Legalese — The Claims
10 Finaling and Mailing Your Application
11 How to Market Your Invention
12 Going Abroad
13 Getting the PTO to Deliver
14 Your Application Can Have Children
15 After Your Patent Issues: Use, Maintenance, and Infringements
16 Ownership, Assignment, and Licensing of Inventions
047170332X Einstein In The Boardroom: Best Practices In Intellectual Capital Management
Suzanne S. Harrison Patrick H. Sullivan

John Wiley & Sons Inc 2006-03
売り上げランキング : 851,640

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1. Introduction to I-Stuff.
2. The Einstein Value Strip.
3. Building a Portfolio of I-Stuff.
4. Leveraging the Portfolio of I-Stuff.
5. Integrating the Portfolio of I-Stuff.
6. Sustaining the Corporation through I-Stuff.
7. Proctor & Gamble Progressing Beyond IP.
Appendix A: How Countries and Regions are Helping Their Companies Create Value from Intellectual Capital.
Appendix B: The I-Stuff Value Matrix.
Appendix C: Updating the Concept of Complementary Business Assets.
Appendix D: Updating the Concept of a Business Model.
Appendix E: New Concepts in Measuring Value.
Appendix F: Creating an I-Stuff Strategy.
0471250503 Essentials of Patents (Essentials Series)
Andy Gibbs Bob Dematteis

John Wiley & Sons Inc 2002-12
売り上げランキング : 233,041

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1 Patents: High Stakes, High Value, High Liability.
2 Patent Licensing.
3 Patent Strategy.
4 Patent Tactics.
5 Managing Patents in the Marketing Department.
6 Managing Patents in the Engineering Department.
7 Managing Patents in Manufacturing and Operations.
8 Managing Patents in the Finance Department.
9 Managing Patents in the Human Resources Department.
10 Managing Patents in the Information Technology Department.
11 Patent Management and the Corporate/ IP Counsel.
12 Patent Management Paradigm for the CEO/ ICO.
Index of Organizations.
0471397369 Edison in the Boardroom: How Leading Companies Realize Value from Their Intellectual Assets
Julie L. Davis Suzanne Harrison

John Wiley & Sons Inc 2001-06-13
売り上げランキング : 90,627

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Introduction: The Edison Prophecy.
Level One-Defensive.
Level Two-Cost Control.
Level Three-Profit Center.
Level Four-Integrated.
Level Five-Visionary.
The Dow Chemical Company: A Case Study.
Appendix A: Mining a Portfolio for Value.
Appendix B: Competitive Assessment.
Appendix C: Integrated Performance Reporting.
0446678317 Rich Dad’s Advisors: Protecting Your #1 Asset : Creating Fortunes from Your Ideas (Rich Dad’s Advisors (Paperback))
Michael A. Lechter Robert T. Kiyosaki

Warner Books Inc 2001-06
売り上げランキング : 66,846

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