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作成 : 2006.07.30






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Automatic restricted access cigarette lighter


An automatic cigarette lighter comprises a thermal resistance element mounted in a sealed case and powered by a switch activated power supply. Operation of the thermal resistance element is controlled by a timer to heat for a predetermined time after activation of the switch and then to remain off for a predetermined period of time before reactivation is possible. The automatic cigarette lighter finds particular advantage in situations where naked flame is unsafe or undesirable. It is also useful in secure establishments, such as prisons.

1. An automatic cigarette lighter comprising:
a case mounted in a wall;
a thermal resistance element mounted within the case such that a cigarette may contact the thermal resistance element from a position external to the case;
a switch activated power supply that provides power to the thermal resistance element;
a timer that controls the operation of the power supply to only supply power to the thermal resistance element for a predetermined period of time;
and wherein a solenoid actuated shutter fitted to a front panel of said case, wherein said solenoid actuated shutter provides communication between the thermal resistance element and a position external of the case, when said switch is activated.

Lighterus6444953_fig1 FIG. 1 is a schematic of an automatic cigarette lighter mounted in a wall of a prison cell
Lighterus6444953_fig2 FIG. 2 is a circuit schematic of the automatic cigarette lighter 
Lighterus6444953_fig5 FIG. 5 is an enlarged view of a further embodiment of the automatic cigarette lighter