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昨日のITmediaニュースで、Iomegaの新特許、DVDの記録容量100倍に増大も というニュースがありました。








【米国特許番号】US6,879,556 (公開番号:US2003151998)

【発明の名称】Method and apparatus for optical data storage

【要約】An optical disk (10) includes several tracks (21-23, 121-125) that each include a series of optical data elements (29, 39). Each optical data element includes several reflective surfaces (31-34, 41-44) with respective different orientations that represent stored information. A detection system (210) directs a beam from a laser (217) onto successive optical data elements. The multiple reflective surfaces of each optical data element produce multiple reflected sub-beams that are imaged onto respective portions of a detector (219, 501, 541). The position of each sub-beam on the corresponding portion of the detector is determined, to thereby identify the orientation of the corresponding reflective surface and thus the stored information represented by that surface.

【請求項1】An apparatus, comprising:

an information storage media having a plurality of reflective portions, each said reflective portion having a selected one of a plurality of predetermined orientations that are different, the number of said predetermined orientations being greater than two;

wherein said predetermined orientations are allocated among a predetermined number of groups so that each said predetermined orientation belongs to only one of said groups, each said group containing more than two of said predetermined orientations; and

wherein said information storage media includes a plurality of data elements which each include a plurality of said reflective portions equal in number to said predetermined number of groups, said reflective portions of each said data element having respective said orientations which each belong to a respective said group.